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Super 10 Story so Far

Ever wondered what this bloody Super Ten Lotto is all about????
Well then, let us give you the lowdown!!

As we fast approach the start date for our 12th Super Ten Lotto Draw (Saturday 3rd March), we look back at how things have unfolded when we first began, and how it has not only won people some fantastic amounts of money, but how it has sprung up more surprises than an Eastenders storyline along the way!! One thing is for sure though, it doesn’t disappoint. With over €20,000 in prizes being given out so far, we’re most certainly far from being done yet!!

1st Draw:
November 2014 marked the beginning of the club’s Super Ten Lottery Draw, a fundraising initiative designed to raise much needed funds for the club, as well as offering people a chance to win some money along the way. With the first draw being kept in-house initially to just Life Members, Current Members and players, 139 people took the plunge and joined. Seven weeks passed before we crowned our first winner, with Stevie Daly of the Hill Road pocketing the winning pot of just over €750, something he says was badly needed after stepping off the plane from New Zealand after a month away. Tins of beans were quickly discarded in favour of the more juicy and now affordable steaks.

2nd Draw:
Having deemed the first draw a success, the club decided to add two more draws before the rugby season ended. These were to include the public or non-members of the rugby club for the first time, resulting in 267 contestants taking part in the draw. Seven weeks were to pass again before a winner could finally claim the prize, with no less than three people-Kevin Foley, Des Martin and Darren Kelly, all claiming a share of the pot, winning a rather tasty €400 each. Indeed, more could have been on the winning podium, with ten people finishing up on 9 numbers at the end, but ultimately it was one number that was to be their ultimate downfall.

3rd Draw:
Neil Armstrong’s ‘one small step…’, ‘one giant leap…’ quote could come to mind for the 3rd Draw of this season with over 278 people taking part.. Eight weeks of action followed before Tom Browne, Donal Murphy, Paul Ward and Brian Murphy prevailed to win €350 each. For some, it was an agonising finish with two people-Teresa Keane and Brian Collins-both having 9 numbers after Week 6, only not to claim a share at the end. For both Tom and Brian, they joined the top of the leaderboard after Week 7 before they were finally joined on the winning podium by Donal Murphy and Paul Ward on the final week.

4th Draw:
With the 3rd Draw having provided more winners than any of previous draws, the 4th was to provide the biggest entertainment so far, and ultimately acted as the catalyst for the increase demand in tickets. Ten weeks passed (the longest draw yet) before five winners out of 289 contestants got their hands on the winning pot, with Helena & Pat Kilbridge, Rory Flannery, Denis Murphy, Scott Winters and Helen McElligott, all winning €290 each. Although that was the ultimate ending to the contest, the subplot was to be far more juicer.

They say if you watch a kettle boil, something good may pass you by……or something along the lines of that….and for Joe McCarthy, this could be a case in point. Just when we thought that this draw couldn’t have gotten any better, Week 6 came along and threw a massive spanner in the works for him. Having led on 9 numbers heading into Week 6, all that was needed by Joe to claim the spoils was number 35.. However, faith can be cruel at times and that all important final number (no.35) that he sought, proved to be all too elusive, with both numbers 34 and 36 being drawn out instead!! Amazingly, three more weeks followed thereafter, with no one being able to secure their vital number. However, Week Ten was to prove to be the climax, with Helena & Pat Kilbridge, Rory Flannery, Denis Murphy, Scott Winters and Helen McElligott all sharing the winners pot.

5th Draw:
Continuing the trend set by other draws, the fifth proved to be another big hit with people, with the number of contestants up by over 50 people from the last draw, to give us a grand total of 341 people taking part. Like what Conor McGregor once proclaimed, Deborah Casey, Nora O’Riordan and Julie Christie Murphy weren’t ‘just here to take part’, but were here ‘to take over!!!’, doing so after seven weeks to each claim a tidy sum of €570 each!!! But the winning podium could have easily contained a few more, with no less than 24 people making a late surge on 9 numbers. Alas, it was not meant to be for them.

6th Draw:
As Walt Disney once said, ” Do what you do so well, that people can’t resist telling others about you.” True to his word, we did exactly what he said. With the 5th Draw having recorded the biggest number of contestants so far, it was, however, to be a short lived one, as this draw increased its intake by 35 people, to once again break its record with 376 people taking part, while also adding a record €1,880 to the final winning pot. But like the 4th Draw, exciting drama was to follow from start to finish. Brid Nolan made an explosive start to the draw, having accumulated 6 numbers after just 2 weeks, and looked well on her way to the magic 10 numbers, only to stagnate for a bit to finally and agonisingly, finish off on a very respectable 9 numbers. It was a draw that both Danny Downey and Willie Cremin won’t look back on too fondly either. Seven weeks gone and with both on 9 numbers, the lads were beaming with confidence that their final number would come out. Alas, Lady Luck was not on their side. With both waiting on number 36, it was numbers 34 and 35 that came out instead offering those behind hope, to snatch it at the death. And happen it did.. Heading into Week 8, there were some fascinating battles. Two former winners (Paul Ward & Darren Kelly, both on 8 no.s) were both vying to be the first to win this Lotto draw twice, while the sibling rivalry between Andrew and Sean Scannell (both on 9 no.s) added another bit of spice to one of many subplots in the game. However, it was Andrew Scannell who prevailed at the end, winning a whopping sum of €1,880!!!!! Not a bad return on his tenner you may say.

7th Draw:
They say that word of mouth is a force of nature and well, we pretty much can’t disagree with that, after the massive response we got for this draw, with 480 people taking part this time round, further highlighting the ever increasing popularity of this lotto draw. Slow at first in the exciting department, the draw really came to life in Week 6 when the field narrowed down to just 4 contestants-Tom Browne, Shonia Hickey, Paddy Reidy and Adam Roche. With only one number awaiting all four, (Tom seeking number 20, Shonia needing number 11 to appear, and Adam & Paddy needing numbers 44 and 31 respectively), prayers to St. Anthony (Performer of Miracles) were being said. Sadly for all, their prayers weren’t answered the following week, but for Adam and Shonia, they were agonisingly close. With both having 9 numbers going into Week 7, that all important final number (no.44 for Adam & no.11 for Shonia) that they sought, proved to be all too elusive, with both numbers 45 and 12 being drawn out instead. And so, we headed into Week 8 with eight leaders on top all vying for the winning pot of €2,400!! After an intense finish, two people were to come out on top, with Damien Lane and now two time winner of this draw, Tom Browne, raced home to claim a staggering sum of €1,200 each!! However, there could have been more sharing the pot, with both Brigid Fitzgerald and Paddy Reidy (both on 9 no.s) coming so close. Both Brigid’s (waiting on number 33) and Paddy’s (waiting on 31), hearts sank when number 32 came out instead. As is the nature of the game, it can be cruel to say the least.

8th Draw:
Another draw, another record smashed, with phenomenal support joining to leave us with a staggering record of 495 contestants taking part – an increase of 15 people, putting the winning pot at a whopping €2,470!!! With another record smashed, the draw started, awash with sheer excitement and buzz, so much so that the National Lottery offices were getting phone calls to confirm the Saturday night draw results before a text and email could be sent to update people. Six weeks passed before Irene Fox Harnett prevailed to claim the spoils, winning a whopping sum of €2,470!!!!!! At one stage she looked to be out of the running, until Week 5 when she gained three numbers to race to the top of the leaderboard alongside Daniel Murphy on 9 numbers. With Daniel seeking number 20 and Irene needing number 12 respectively, we headed into Week 6 on the edges of our seats, waiting in anticipation for an overall winner. For Irene, it proved to be a sweet moment.

With the nature of this draw, a contestants patience can be very much tested at the best of times. One week you can be in pole position to stake your claim in winning the pot. The next week, you could find yourself licking your wounds having just painfully come up short.

For Donal Murphy, this could be a case in point. Donal made an explosive start to the draw, having accumulated 6 numbers after just 2 weeks, and looked well on his way to the magic 10 numbers. As well as being a leader in 3 out of the 6 weeks, Donal was looking to replicate the success he had before when he was one of four winners in the club’s third Super Ten Draw, but alas, the man from Rockchapel just came agonisingly short, finishing off on a very respectable 9 numbers.

For others, it was a case of Lady Luck turning her back to their advancing charm, with a number of people being cruelly denied a chance to share the spoils. Both Joan Fitzgerald and Brid O’Rourke bravely made a last gasp ditch to spoil the party, with both gaining 2 and 3 numbers respectively. Indeed, for Joan and Daniel Murphy (one of two leaders from Week 5), it was a particularly cruel way to end, with both looking for number 20 to be drawn out. It did, but sadly their hearts sank when it was unfortunately the bonus number!!!

9th Draw:
With our breaths barely gathered, we headed into the start of the 9th draw with more enthusiasm, more vigour and as excitable as a young bábóg opening their pressies on Christmas morning. Sadly, for 414 people though, their Christmas morning pressies were only a sod of turf or two front teeth, as Isabella McCarthy reaped the rewards for her patience and more importantly, her poxiness, as her ten numbers came out after six weeks to the delight of the McCarthy tribe, taking home a whopping sum of €2,075!!!!!! From Week 2 right to the very end (Week 6), young Isabella was right in the hunt, either as part of a chasing pack or as a leader, consistently adding numbers each week to push her closer to the winning prize. For others, they bravely made a last gasp ditch to spoil the party on the final week, but like a wounded gazelle, they were cruelly put out of their misery when news filtered through of Isabella’s success. Another winner, another success story, and one where both the craic and the winning pot will never cease to draw the crowd.

10th Draw:
Our tenth draw was a milestone one for us in more ways than one. The fact that we had reached our tenth draw was somewhat a celebration, once again showing the incredible level of interest people have in taking part in the draw. And take part they did!! With 589 people taking part (Ya!! You’ve guessed it), it SMASHED our record by more than 90 people!! After eight weeks of tense action, SIX winners in the shape of Noelle Horgan, Dan Smith, Tom White, Gary Hartigan, Stevie & Daniel Lane and Dr. Mick O’Donnell all prevailed to collect a handsome sum of €490 each.

The finish was fantastic, but the subplot, as usual, provided the most entertainment. Liam Kennedy and Liam Ahern are two bucko’s who will very much disagree to that statement though. Liam K made such an explosive start to the draw, getting SIX numbers on the first week, that we contemplated giving him the cheque there and then!!! Alas, his luck dried up faster than Usain Bolt running the 100 metres, when he failed to pick up any number for five straight weeks before finally adding two more numbers in the latter stages of the draw, finishing on a respectable 8 numbers. For Liam Ahern, he may never play again such was the frustration he endured. Having had 9 numbers after 4 weeks, he was odd’s on to claim the pot. Waiting on number 15 to be drawn out, it was number 16 that was proving to rile John when it came out three weeks in a row before no.14 came out instead on week 7. Ultimately and frustratingly for him, he finished on 9 no.s.

For the overall winners, it was very much a contrasting path to the one that Liam Kennedy above took, with all six starting off with modest numbers to say the least, ranging from one to three. For five out of the six winners, Weeks 4, 5 and 6 proved to be difficult weeks to gain any numbers, with Dan on 7 numbers overall alongside Stevie & Daniel, Tom and Dr. Mick, while Noelle remained on 6 numbers. Patience was a virtue though, and two weeks later all six were greatly rewarded when their winning numbers came out.

Tears of joys, and sadly, tears of sadness were both shed during the course of the draw. For some, it was a case of champagne and caviar for the week, while for us looking on with envy, a tin of baked beans was our only source of solace. Overall though, the draw was a phenomenal success and one which has moved the Super Ten up to another level!! Hopefully the next one is ‘going to bloody kick the tires and light the fires!! We wait with sheer excitement!

11th Draw:
Having witnessed the 10th Draw break the 500 contestant mark, the bar was certainly going to be raised when the 11th Draw rolled into town. Having started out this lottery draw as just a mere tame means of raising much needed funds for the club, it has since become a behemoth force that doesn’t look like its gonna stop……..not that we are complaining now or anything.

Like every Deadline Day before we kick off a draw, the mayhem of getting last minute tickets in just shows how hard it is to give an early prediction as to what the final numbers could be and more importantly, what the final jackpot could be. Early predictions this time, however, looked promising though, with 300 being the benchmark. 300 came and quickly went. 400 soon followed. 500 flew past laughing before we broke the 600 mark, finally settling on 632 people entering the draw, craving for a piece of that juicy pie that be – the jackpot worth €3,160.

Breaking new ground, we’d players ranging from Ballaugh to Ballymacjordan, Castleisland to Canada, Croagh to Cork, Duagh to Dubai, Mungret to Midleton, New Hampshire to New Zealand, Newcastle West to New Jersey, Templeglantine to Tipperary, South Africa to Sydney – wherever there was enthusiasm for the draw, we got it covered!!

Suffice to say, we were happy in our nappy with such a phenomenal result, SMASHING once again our previous best by 43 people.

Trying desperately hard to contain our excitement before the draw even began, we composed ourselves a bit and got the show on the road. With Week One having been a relatively slow start, Week Two proved to be anything but, when Phil Collins, having matched four numbers the first week, gained more matches than a bachelorette would get on Tinder, registering four more numbers on the second week, to leave her on the brink of claiming the winning pot!!

However, as a wise man once said, ‘Trees that are slow to grow, bear the best fruit’. This game as a contest was far from being over. Phil’s luck, unfortunately, dried up thereafter. Three weeks passed by and her failure to pick up any numbers during that time, saw her relegated to being a spectator. Those lurking in the wings, were ready to pounce. Week Four saw a new sole leader – Sharon Broderick – an employee of Stryker in Limerick, hold top spot on 9 numbers. Indeed, Sharon formed part of a subplot that continued to intrigue us over the weeks, as a Stryker vs Kostal battle began to ensue, cranking up the stakes between both companies to see if anyone from their respective workplaces could nab the win. Sadly, neither could claim the bragging rights. That honour was to be bestowed upon Julie O’Brien, who gained two numbers on Week Five to claim the biggest winning pot of the Super Ten Draw so far, seeing her join an illustrious group of people who battled away for weeks to be eventually crowned a winner of the Super Ten Lotto Draw.

With the highs, comes, unfortunately, the lows. As mentioned earlier, Phil Collins is a prime example. Rather unfortunate for her, her luck dried up faster than Usain Bolt running the 100 metres, failing to pick up any number for three straight weeks, before finishing on a respectable 8 numbers.

For the Ahern family (Dearbhla and John), it was a case of deja vu for them in this draw. For those of you who may not remember, John was in pole position in the last draw (10th Draw), having led with 9 numbers after 4 weeks, making him odds on to win. However, waiting on number 15 to be drawn out, it was number 16 that proved to rile him when it came out three weeks in a row before no.14 came out instead on week 7, before finally finishing on 9 numbers. For Dearbhla, in this draw, she was one of six people on 9 numbers and one of three people needing number 7 to come out for the win, but her heart sank and with that, her hopes too, when number 8 appeared out. As the French would say, ‘C’est la vie!!’

With new grounds being broken and ticket sales soaring to new levels, it has made the Super Ten the ‘most talked about draw in town’ – something which gives us tremendous pride and satisfaction.

The stakes are rising!! We’re ready and waiting!! Are you??

12th Draw:
So!! What lies in store for our 12th Draw??? Who knows?? A number of things are for certain though. Expect some thrills and spills along the way, not to mention the odd heart break, the near misses, the ‘what if’s’ and many more emotions. But one thing is for sure, there will be plenty of craic along the way. To date we’ve given out just over €20,000 in prizes to 27 different people after just 11 Draws, and one thing is for bloody certain – WE AIN’T DONE YET!!!!

Get your name on the roll of honours!! Purchase your ticket now to play and who knows……it could be you!!