NOTICE – Next Draw Start on Saturday 3rd March 2018, Get your ticket now!!

Rules of the Game

With the Super Ten Lotto Draw having now become well established, keenly contested and generally well loved in town amongst the many loyal supporters taking part, we do have from time to time the odd ‘newbie’ looking to take part to see what all this buzz about the Super Ten is about. For many of us, the rules now at this stage have very much been engrained into us, but for those taking part for the first time, fear not, this draw couldn’t be any more simpler to play and follow. Please read the follow rules:

How do I play the game?
> It’s simple!! All you need to do is purchase a Super Ten lotto ticket from any club player or committee member or indeed, from any of the local businesses listed below.

•There are two parts to the ticket. The left part, which you tear off, is the ‘Club Copy’, which we need to input your chosen numbers and contact details into our computer file. The right part-‘Your Copy’-is just a duplicate of your chosen numbers, which you can hold onto as a record of your numbers.

•Select any ten numbers on the ticket, from 01-47 (numbers are based on the MAIN IRISH NATIONAL LOTTERY draw (we base our draw on the Saturday night draw only. Six numbers will be used only.. Bonus number is NOT included))

If you are a returning contestant, you can choose to either change your numbers from a previous draw or you can indeed, keep the same numbers (All numbers from previous draws have been kept on file). The choice is yours.

•Once one of your numbers is drawn out, it is then crossed off your list and won’t be counted again if it’s once again drawn out in the subsequent weeks. The first person to reach their magic ten numbers wins!!

•To put it in simple terms, the draw very much resembles that of Bingo.

What is the purpose of this game?
•This competition is a fundraising initiative

•The winner will receive half of the total takings (i.e. Half of the total pot goes to the winner & the other half goes to the club). So!! The more players we have, the bigger the total winning pot will be!!

•If there is more than one winner, the pot will then be evenly shared amongst the winners.

•The committee have the final say

Who can play this lotto?
•This draw is open to EVERYONE!! So, please feel free to spread the word!!

How can I purchase tickets?
•You can purchase tickets from any of the following committee members:
> Donal O’Neill
> Barney McMahon
> Patsy Prendiville
> David Prendiville
> Kevin Prendiville
> Denis Murphy
> Maurice Cotter
> Garrett Harnett
> JD Harnett
> Conor Prendiville
> Stevie Daly
> John Tobin
> Declan Woulfe

or indeed from the following places:
> Jack O’Rourkes Bar
> John Mikes Fitz’s Bar
> Cryle View Bar and Harnett’s Dry Cleaners
> Jim Lanes Bar
> The Ploughman Bar
> Donal & Ann’s Bar
> DP Lyons Bar
> The Winners Circle Bar
> The Grove Office
> Moss Harnett’s Spar

Or from any of the club players (both the women’s and men’s teams)

Or by simply contacting Conor on 087-1305473 or email

How much for a ticket?
•The entry fee is €10 (€5 towards the winning pot, €5 to the club)

When’s the Closing date for tickets?
•Check our Facebook & Twitter pages, club website and Weekly Observer for when the start and closing dates are announced.

How long can the game last?
•The game can last anywhere between 5 and 10 weeks, depending on how lucky some contestants are in picking their numbers.

How will we know the results?
•Each week, you will either receive an email ( we suggest this option) or text, depending on what contact details you have put down on your ticket, to tell you how you are doing in the draw.

As a note, the text messages will be short due to the limited amount of characters, but the email provides a lot more detail, with the weekly overall leaderboard sheet being sent as an attachment in the email. The results will also be up on our Facebook page as well as the Weekly Observer.

So!! Are you Interested?????

Come on and join the Fun!!

The Super Ten!!!
‘Come on!!! ‘Try’ your luck!!’